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K9 detections teams
NJ Heat Pest Control has a k9 detection team located in New Jersey. He is a Belgian Malinois.Our K9 is Fully Certified and gratuated under the most difficult test in the industry to date. He is trained to locate bed bugs at all life stages. Our k9 is fast,quick and most importantly extremely accurate. A 97 Percent accuracy rate in detecting live bed bugs at all life stages. Our k9 trains consistantly with bomb and narcotic master trainers.NJ Heat preforms pre and post k9 inspections,especially after a heat treatment.

Certified in Urban pest management, NJ Heat offers over decade of pest control experience. We specialize in heat treatments for Bed Bug elimination in all types of environments.

Hotels and Motels
Multiple guest rooms can be treated discreetly and can be completed before customer check-in time. This can result in No lost revenue for you.

NJ Heat can service any type of facility
Homes, schools, office buildings, Government and military are just a few of the types of locations we service.

Stored Product Pests
NJ Heat offers heat treatments to food processing facilities along with spot treatment to silos and bins for stored product pests.

Our process
A complete on-site inspection of your facility will be performed to give you the most effective treatment.  A full report and treatment plan will be provided along with an itemized proposal of all equipment needed.

NJ heat works with each customer to determine the best time for treatment to have the least disruption for your business or home.

Whether you need a spot treatment or an entire facility treatment, NJ Heat can do it.

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