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While specializing in Bed Bug eradication, NJ Heat also handles all stored product pest infestations in food processing facilities. Please see the stored product pest tab to the right for more information.

NJ Heat is a completely green approach, with no pesticides, to eliminating all life stages of bed bugs in one treatment, in most cases.

NJ Heat offers cost effective and discrete solutions for any commercial or residential establishment, with no need to remove furniture or possessions.

NJ Heat is dedicated to the education of green pest control options, and is a completely licensed and insured pest control applicator.

NJ Heat Pest Control

  • NJ Heat offers a quick and reliable solution to your bed bug concerns.
  • NJ heat provides over 10 years of pest control experience.
  • Certified in Urban Pest Management through Purdue University.
  • We use both propane and electric heaters.

Call today to receive free, expert advice on identifying or treating bed bugs. We offer free quotes and information based on the latest industry research.

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K9 detections teams

NJ Heat Pest Control has a k9 detection team located in New Jersey. He is a Belgian Malinois.Our K9 is Fully Certified and gratuated under the most difficult test in the industry to date. He is trained to locate bed bugs at all life stages. Our k9 is fast,quick and most importantly extremely accurate. A 97 Percent accuracy rate in detecting live bed bugs at all life stages. Our k9 trains consistantly with bomb and narcotic master trainers.NJ Heat preforms pre and post k9 inspections,especially after a heat treatment.